GSP RushFit Review – Before and after results

GSP RushFit is a 8 week at home workout program that includes MMA style exercises, it’s based on my resistance type training and less cardio based training. Featuring MMA fighter George St. Pierre and trainer Michael Owens.


  • same exact warmup and cool down (gets boring for 60 days)
  • way too much talking – disrupts the flow of the workout
  • some of the moves makes you dizzy – spinning around on the floor a lot
  • repetitive moves – may make your mind wonder


  • Mike Owen’s explains the moves very well making it easy to grasp for technical MMA moves.
  • Less cardio than TapouT XT
  • Only require little bit of weights, mat, and water
  • Less likely to lose muscle when losing fat like other high intensity cardio programs

RushFit Strength and Endurance preview

GSP RushFit Explosive Power Training Preview


GSP RushFit Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning

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