Commencement 2019

Saturday, June 8, 2019

solebury school welcomed the class of 2019 into its alumni ranks with a beautiful outdoor ceremony among family, friends, faculty, staff, and alumni.

"today is a moment to reflect on all the hard work that each and every one of us has put into being here today," said perry udahemuka '19, one of our three senior speakers, along with sasha guzman '19 and jacob potter '19. "i can say without a shadow of doubt that our time here has molded us into men and women of honor and integrity who are fully prepared to take on the world and all it has in store. solebury has given us the tools and ammunition to strive for our dreams and fight for what we believe in, and we promise to carry that spirit wherever we go. so, to the families and the solebury community, our village — thank you! and to the solebury school class of 2019, let’s get this bread." 

theater tech director peter martino was chosen by the class of 2019 to be the ceremony's faculty speaker. he gave a passionate, beautiful, and memorable speech, sharing a few life lessons he wanted to reinforce with our new graduates. "there is nothing more powerful than a caring community. a strong community can make all the difference in your success or failure, and there is no better proof of that than our solebury community," he said. "i’ve seen people walk onto this campus for the first time, a shell of the person that they leave as. it is through the care and support of this entire community that allowed them to gain confidence, to take risks, to grow into the incredible people they are now. i would say at some point, every one of you benefited from the support of our community. i would also say that every one of you gave support to another member of the community when they needed it. this may just seem like the solebury way, and i don’t even really think about it anymore, it’s just what we do.

"But please, do not forget this sense of community and apply it to your life wherever you go. I’m not saying that finding a community like ours is going to be easy, it may take some time. But take that time and make the effort to find your next community. If you continue spreading the love and care that we have for each other here to wherever you head next, I’m certain that your next community will gravitate to you. Plus, know that no matter where you go or how robust your new community is, you always will have Solebury. We will always be there for you, no matter how far you’ve traveled or how much time has passed. We will always be your safety net if you ever need one."

congratulations to newest alumni! 

Senior Dinner

(photos by kelli abdoney)



(Photos by Stephen Barth)


Watch the Ceremony

we'll publish a video here soon! please check back in july.