Omega J8005 Review

Price: $259.99

Includes six-piece nozzle pack, two-stage juicing screen, blank cone, drum, hopper, drumcap, two bowls, cleaning brush, and pusher/plunger/sieve
Dual-stage system
Low-speed; 80 RPM
Measures 13-1/2" x 12" x 7"; weighs 13 lbs
10-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Made in Korea


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I have to admit the Omega J8005 Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer is really a counter top gadget that’s an excellent upgrade to our kitchen and only a slighter older model than the 8006. It’s a very handsome searching machine. It jogs my memory of 1 of individuals hi-tech tools they demonstrated within the movie Transformers. I like the shiny chrome finish, that is as very attractive highlight within our kitchen. Obviously, there’s more for this Omega masticating juicer than you would think.

Omega J8005: Looks great on any counter-top

ABSOLUTELY Simple To CLEAN: You might have see clearly in other masticating juicer reviews the Omega J8005 is actually simple to clean. Well, you are able to throw me along with all of these because I say to you this counter top appliance is actually simple to disassemble and it is super easy to place together again. If it is that simple then it isn’t an elaborate device to wash up.

PRESERVES THE SHELF Existence OF MY JUICE: Since Omega juicer processes food limited to a really low speed (the maker lists it at 80 RPM’s), it will rarely warm up any juice you’ll ever make. This is among the benefits that anybody could possibly get from the low speed masticating juicers.

MULTI-PURPOSE Counter Appliance: Aside from being one of the better masticating juicers these days, the J8005 also appears with several useful features. Furthermore, it really works as being a grinder together with a pasta extruder. It’s like getting multiple home home appliances in a single package – pretty useful combination in the event you request me.

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Key Features

  •     Low speed juicing system produces hardly any foam and extremely low froth, which allows you to definitely certainly store your juice as extended as 72 several hours without any waste
  •     There’s also the best from the produce you buy the pulp arrives very dry thus you’re sure you’re getting as much juice as you can
  •     This masticating juicer is yet another multipurpose counter appliance you don’t only make juice you may even put it to use just like a mixer to produce baby food, soy milk, together with additional factors for nice homemade quality quality recipes
  •     Great searching black or chrome housing welcome accessory for your kitchen


This is also true the most effective juicer slash pasta extruder slash mixer have defects? Clearly it’ll – Omega may have develop a great product but it is in no wise the best product. All that you should do is always to look for juicer reviews in regards to the Omega J8005 and you’ll find both its benefits and disadvantages.

My problem while using J8005 has associated with juicing pulpy fruit. I usually juice just vegetables but sometimes , I observe that they’ll really block this juicer in no time. Well, that’s my only problem while using Omega J8005 Diet Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer – meaning I still think it’s a great product.

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