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Zits are embarrassing. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, having blemishes on  your face, back or Juicing for Acneother parts of your body can make you want to just run and hide. Trying to cover it up with makeup doesn’t work, using pimple creams and gels doesn’t work and washing your face a zillion times a day doesn’t even work. What are you supposed to do when you are overwhelmed with blackheads and just can’t get it to go away?

What Is Acne Caused By?

A long time ago, people believed that pimples were caused by not washing your face enough or eating food that was bad for you, like french fries or chocolate. Medical research has shown that bad foods don’t contribute to the problem at all and that pimples is in fact caused by the skin growing too fast. When skin grows, it pushes the outer layer outward, which eventually dies and flakes away. However, when skin grows too fast, the dead cells accumulate and block the pores.

Breakouts can also be caused by certain bacteria that feed off of the oils in the skin. When the body’s immune system senses the presence of bacteria, white blood cells are sent to the area in an attempt to destroy the bacteria. These inflammatory chemicals cause the redness and inflammation that is commonly seen with acne.

Can Juicing Help Cure And Prevent Breakouts?

Science has showed us that eating bad foods does not cause blemishes. However, does the same hold Nutrition Facts of juicingtrue for foods that are good for you? Not necessarily. Getting the proper amounts of nutrients from your diet can actually help cure and prevent.

Testosterone is a hormone that causes skin to grow quickly in teenagers, so getting nutrients that help regulate testosterone levels can help your face to clear up. The right nutrients can also help your skin to produce the good oils that have antibacterial properties to help destroy acne causing bacteria that are present.

Juicing is an excellent way to get massive amounts of these important zit fighting nutrients without having to eat pounds and pounds of fruits and vegetables. In fact, there’s really no way you could possibly eat enough fruits and vegetables to help clear up those pimples – but when you juice them, you can drink the nutrients and get far more than you would by eating them.

What Juices Will Help Clear Up Acne?

There are seven key items to consider using when juicing for acne. None of them will completely cure you up, but they will definitely help. You can mix and match them in juices however you like. Just drink what tastes good!

Barley Greens – contain selenium and zinc, which are both very important for healthy skin, and the greens help to regulate testosterone in both men and women.

Half Coconut and Flower on Bamboo Mat for juicingWater – contains as much potassium as a banana and is an excellent addition to juices, smoothies or can be consumed as a drink by itself instead of sugary sports drinks.

Acai Berry – a powerful antioxidant that prevents the oxidation fatty acids that the skin uses to produce the inflammatory hormones that contribute to acne.

Pomegranate – hastens the healing of damaged cells and is an excellent antioxidant.

Whey – contains lactoferrin and can reduce whiteheads, blackheads and pimples by up to 20%.

Wheatgrass – has high concentrations of zinc and copper, which are essential in preventing the immune system from overreacting to acne bacteria.

Mangosteen – contains compounds that promote circulation to the skin, helping acne to appear lighter and less noticeable.

Juicing is excellent for your health, weight loss and allows you to consume vitamins and minerals easily and in a form that is best absorbed by your body. Adding items to your juices that are known to combat acne can help you get the clear face you want, in addition to feeling better and having more energy.

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