Audition to Record at MorningStar Studios!

Are you a duo or band or a soloist that would like to record?

During Arts Festival Week, Music Department Head will bring select students to on Tuesday, April 16, and work with Glenn Barrett, who is a Grammy award-winning recording engineer. There will be two available time slots up for grabs to record a demo. You must audition to win a slot.

Auditions: Monday, April 9; Tuesday, April 10; and Wednesday, April 11. (Cathy can also hear you before those dates if you're ready, you just need to work out a time). Bands/duo who will be recording will be announced Thursday, April 12. Please email Cathy if you want to audition.

You must be very365vip体育在线投注 prepared. The most pro will go...

Yes, you can come on the trip even if you're not recording! Many students like to come and just see the recording process. There will be a sign-up sheet for the trip as the time approaches.