Teach2Serve Capstone Project 2017: Exploring Healthy Relationships

365vip体育在线投注by gabrielle c. '17

Now in my second year of Teach2Serve365vip体育在线投注, I am currently working on my capstone project, which focuses on the topic of healthy teen relationships. That includes not just romantic relationships, but also friendships and relationships with family. In partnership with (a local domestic violence shelter), I brainstormed ideas about how to educate students on the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship so that they could learn how to break the cycle of abuse.

365vip体育在线投注in the fall trimester, i organized an activity with staff members from a woman's place for our boarding students during our weekly tuesday night program (tnp). the guest facilitators organized a "choose-your-own-adventure" style activity called "in your shoes," which featured true stories of teen victims of dating abuse. the boarders were split into groups, and each was told a different story from a first person perspective. as a group, the students voted on the choices that the protagonist would make in their relationship. afterward, each group discussed what they believed were the right choices and what made the relationship unhealthy.

in the winter, again with with a staff member from a woman's place, i organized two assemblies (one for 9th and 10th grade students, and one for 11th and12th grade students) to educate them about healthy relationships. we compared and contrasted the features of equality-based relationships with the features of controlling relationships. afterward, we gave students relationship scenarios and asked them to decide if a healthy or unhealthy action took place. some scenarios included asking the students if it is healthy to look at a friend's phone without asking, breakup via text, or sacrifice friendships to focus on your significant other. i organized a similar, yet more age-appropriate, activity for the middle schoolers during their separate assembly time.

at the end of the spring trimester, i will give an all-school assembly where i share what i took away from my capstone with the community. my long-term goal is for solebury school to continue educating students on healthy relationships through tnp, all-school assemblies, advisor meetings, and perhaps even a class dedicated to the topic.